Classics and Ancient History Subject Council

The Classics and Ancient History SSLC (Student Staff Liaison Committee) is the vital link between the students and the department at the University of Exeter. We are dedicated to ensuring that every student in our department has an exceptional educational experience and is represented. Our main job is to bring any academic issues you have to the attention of staff and the Guild, as well as the Library, academic society and Employability team.

Our remit ranges from answering queries about your course, to managing library book requests (through the Library Champion scheme – see details below to apply), to pioneering new and exciting student-led ideas. This year we hope to continue to raise the profile of our department by working alongside the Classics Society and Students’ Guild.

Subject Chairs: Aisling Bradley and Elena Quigley

First Year Reps: Jessie Harper and Ling Hei Tang

Second Year Reps: Rupert Cole and Harry Handyside

Third Year Reps: Isabelle Hawksworth and Patrick Hoyle

Classics Combined Honours Rep: Francis Saint

Classics PGT Courses Rep: Blagovest Gavazov

Library Champions: Fancy getting involved? You can put yourself forward by completing the short application form at:

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