An exciting, lively and inspiring place to study, the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Exeter continues to go from strength to strength, ranked 5th in the UK by the Complete University Guide 2019.  As such, the student experience is one to be envied.  This site aims to showcase the perspectives of Classics and Ancient History students at Exeter, highlighting their outstanding academic achievements and engagement, as well as their active social calendar, which complements their university studies.

I feel very lucky to be able to say without a doubt that my time spent in the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Exeter has left me with some of the most cherished and positive memories of my life. Upon arriving as a first year, I was delighted to be welcomed into such a welcoming and lively academic community, where the breadth and diversity of my course would allow me to develop intellectually throughout my undergraduate studies. I have been able to study areas of the Classical World which hadn’t even appeared on my radar before coming to university, all thanks to the generous attitudes of academic staff when it comes to allowing students to engage with their research.

I was even more excited to find an active student society, committed to offering a range of academic and social events to bring together similarly enthusiastic individuals in a celebration of Classics in the modern world. It has been nothing short of an honour and a privilege to lead this group of students over the last academic year. Working with a dedicated committee to make the Classics Society inviting and accessible to all students within the department has been one of my proudest achievements. I am sure that the Society will go from strength to strength in the years to come, and continue to contribute to the life of such a vibrant academic department.

– Elaine Sanderson, Classics Society President 2014-15

“Throughout my time at Exeter, Classics became both my academic and social epicentre. Within the department we are blessed with academics who actively involve students with their research as well as supporting them through their studies. The staff are concerned with both the educational and personal development of their students. Classics at Exeter is built on a desire to learn from one another; this co-operation between the staff, the SSLC and the Society has ensured that we as Classicists are one of the most integrated and dynamic disciplines in the university. I do not see Classics at Exeter as a department, but as a community – a community of staff and students working in tandem to further our knowledge of antiquity.”

– Ronnie Henderson, Classics Society President 2013-14

“When I first joined the Classics Department as an undergraduate in 2010, I was immediately taken with the warmth, enthusiasm and buzz of energy amongst both students and lecturers. It felt almost unreal to me (as a naive fresher!) that such a breed of friendly scholars existed, let alone that I was able to approach them, learn from them and receive their support and input in my academic growth. As soon as I heard the 2010 Classics Society Committee speaking about their activities and events, I knew I had to get involved. It felt like a great opportunity to socialise with all the unfamiliar faces from lectures and seminars, and really feel part of the department. I went on to become the Society’s Social Secretary in my second year and President in my third, which was a truly rewarding and exciting experience. Looking back, my involvement in the Classics Society and time in the Classics department certainly helped to secure my place on Teach First’s graduate scheme, and developed me as a person in all sorts of ways. Some of my most cherished and favourite memories from university are with this amazing group of people (both students and lecturers alike) – performing in the Classics play, dancing at the Classics Ball, and seeing the incredible sights of Rome. Academically, I left university with a first class degree, which I do not feel would have been possible without the outstanding support, resources and knowledge that await any student in the department of Classics and Ancient History.”

– Sophia James, Classics Society President 2012-13

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