Exeter Classics Society 2018/19

Welcome one and all to the blog (featuring everything from staff and student interviews, to new discoveries about the classical world, to SSLC updates) which we hope to be using a lot this year!

As ever, the months of September and October (and the infamous Freshers Week!) can be terribly overwhelming and busy for staff and students alike, but we hope the socials and events we put on were a shining beacon of all things Classics! Our social sec (Harriet Bowers) and Department Liaison Officer (Elena Quigley) have been hard at work, along with the rest of the committee, and there is so much in store for the coming year – so watch this space! (Full details to be found on the Exeter Classics Society Facebook page but also emailed around to society members in our President’s (Patrick Hoyle) weekly round-up email).

Highlights so far include:

20th and 24th September – what would Classics be without toga socials? Hosting one on freshers week and one after (themed upon Gods and Mortals)

2nd October – Firehouse Family Social! Meeting your Classics family over the biggest pizzas in Exeter, a massive success with an amazing turnout

11th October – The Centurion Challenge. 100 shots of a drink of your choice in 100 minutes? Quite a challenge!

15th October – Film Club, hosted in partnership with the Classics and Ancient History SSLC with our very own, Dr Nicolo D’Alconzo, choosing the film. There was pizza and running commentary aplenty! We are hoping to host more so don’t be disappointed if you didn’t make the first one ☺️

Hold tight for many more including the Symposium, Riddle of the Sphinx and the apex of term 1 – the Classics Christmas Ball!!

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