Classics Parent Scheme

Parent Scheme logo

As September approaches and we get ready to welcome a new wave of Classicists, the society is launching the Classics Parent Scheme.
A chance for pre-Freshers to get to know some existing members and ask those awkward questions that no one else could answer, such as:
– Do you buy the Freshers’ Week pack?
– Will I need a toga? (Most definite yes)
– Do I need practise my bolt before coming?
– What even is a bolt?

To join the scheme all you need to be an existing or incoming student of the University of Exeter studying any variation of Classics, Classical Studies, Ancient History or any related/joint honours course.

To join click here and follow the instructions to send an email to
Things to include:
– Name
– Year of study
– Subject
– Any other societies you are thinking about joining

We will pair you with another Fresher and two parents already at Exeter. You will then all receive the same email and off you go! There will also be a special prize for ‘families’ at the Meet and Greet social (2-4pm Ram Bar, Tuesday 18th of September, in Freshers Week)

Remember to join the Classics Society Facebook page to keep up to date with everything!

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